A note from our CEO

The Alpha Student was formed after seeing what students have been offered across the world.  Students have been offered everything from old sea containers to dingy rooms with mattresses so poor no one could possibly get a good nights sleep.  Adequate places were left with lists pages long of people, students, our leaders of tomorrow waiting to get into a room to study for the year.  There was no way the system could cope nor was there any way the students would be having the ability to study with a clear mind.  So, we started a process of visiting the upper end of student housing and viewing amenities and finishes that students would be comfortable with, then make it much better.

We wanted to serve students better than they are being served.  We wanted to bring different communities together in one building.  We didn’t know we were going to be a residence just for students, but open to everyone.  Its not the master plan, we want to build the best quality accommodation we can, with great shared common facilities that really inspire people to come together and connect.

We’re more than just a student residence or a hotel, and more than a home. Our unique hybrid hospitality model means we’re as flexible as it gets, welcoming guests from all walks of life: from a day to a year. And our unique offering means we’re the perfect place to learn, stay, work and play

The various energies just kind of meet and create a very special experience.  We not only welcome students but guests and visitors from all walks of life with an open mind, love of learning and curious nature; with what we call a ‘student spirit’.  It’s our hope that this kind of experience can rekindle or help the student spirit in people stay alive for as long as possible. If we can have a positive role in that process of understanding and learning how other cultures work, then hopefully we can make a little contribution to world peace.